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MiddConn is pleased to award our 2016 Teen Scholarship to Briajh Harrell. She is the daughter of Lavina Cockrell and Brian Harrell - both employed by the City of Middletown. Join us in wishing Briajh the best.

There has been an issue with check deposits for Samsung users. Our processor has sent down a fix to correct the issue. Please update your Mobile App to install the upgrade.

Beware of callers who tell you they are monitoring your computer and you have a virus!!! THIS IS NOT TRUE! These hackers just want your personal information. Do NOT give them access to your computer or your account numbers. Just hang up!

We are happy to announce that we will be launching a new fraud prevention service on our credit & debit cards mid June. Anytime potential fraud is detected on your card you will receive a series of emails, texts and phone calls. Read More.

iPhone users are being targeted by hackers - they're asking for your iCloud credentials. This is a scam!! Do not respond. Click here for the full story.

We held our Annual Meeting on Wednesday, April 20, 2106. In addition to our regular business meeting, we celebrated Pauline's Bladek's 45 year career at MiddConn. Click for more info.

Effective 3/28/2016 you will not be able to access Home Banking if you use Internet Explorer 9. Effective 5/1/2016 you will not be able to access Home Banking if you use IE10. Please update your broswers. These changes have been made for your security.

Effective 5/21/2015, you will receive an email notification from when you deposit a check using our App. It will indicate if it was accepted or rejected (and the reason why). We hope you like this new feature.

Upgrading to Version 8.1 for iPhones seems to be causing problems with the ability to take a picture of your check. Simply go to SETTINGS > PRIVACY > CAMERA. Set the camera to allow and you'll be all set.

VbV asks for the last 4 of your Social Security Number during enrollment. If there are two cards on an account, they want the SS# of the primary account holder. If you have any questions, please contact the credit union.

You should always enroll your debit and/or credit cards in Verified by Visa. This protects you from fraudulent transactions when you do on-line purchases.

Our mobile app has been updated to allow check deposits. Visit the Apple or Google Play Stores to download the most current app. Click on ONLINE SERVICES & MOBILE CHECK DEPOSIT for more information.

Or you can scan the QR Code (click to retrieve). Remember will you have to activate your device either through email or Online Banking.

MiddConn is pleased to introduce our new Visa Credit Card. 9.99% Fixed Rate on purchases. 3.99% APR on balance transfers for 12 months. No Annual Fee. Contact David for more information.

You may encounter a problem logging into bill pay if you use SAFARI. It's an easy fix however. You just have to "accept cookies". For detailed instructions, click here.

Our auto-rebate versus low interest financing calculator will help you determine what's right for you. You can find the calculator here.

Don't get ripped off by offers of so-called "free credit reports". Go to WWW.ANNUALCREDITREPORT.COM or call 1-877-322-8228 - the official site to request your reports..

If you're going on vacation, please let us know so we can update our fraud monitoring service.

Our R&T is 211177816.

We will NEVER ask you for your credit card information or your PIN.

To report a lost or stolen VISA Check or Credit Card: during office hours contact the credit union; after hours call 800-682-6075.

Vehicle Loans
As low as 2.24% APR
Home Equity Loans
 as low as    3.49% APR 
Signature Loans
As low as

10.00% APR




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